Why is the transport of goods by road more efficient?

Every industry seeks to transport and deliver products and merchandise to other distributors, companies or end customers, guaranteeing maximum quality throughout the process. Each order has certain characteristics and deliveries and the one that makes the shipment must have the certainty of which is the best means to fulfill the marked objective.

The transport of goods by road is a classic in the exchange of products and merchandise and remains the absolute leader of the sector and the most effective. For what reasons? Below we reveal the main reasons why you should not stop considering it as the best option.

Main advantages of road freight transport

In Spain, road transport is much higher than rail, air and sea transport. And in Europe this modality dominates the market, representing 11% of the total sector. Greater optimization between time and costs is the most powerful reason for your leadership, but not the only one:


At short and medium distances, the transport of goods by road is the fastest system by far. Only from trips over 2,500 kilometers could we say that the plane is more efficient in this regard. While we do not focus on these distances, we can affirm that the transport of goods by road is unrivaled in terms of punctual deliveries.

Accessibility in the delivery

The land transport allows to load practically at the door of the recipient or place it in the warehouse of the company that requires the goods. The other transports can not reach that point of closeness, besides involving the combination with other systems and greater manipulation in the hands of third parties, which puts the merchandise at risk, traceability, compliance with dates, etc.


At any time you can request a delivery and the digital platform provides you with an optimal carrier to take charge of the goods in just a matter of seconds. It is the best option in time of work overload and deliveries can be made in less than 72 hours even on holidays and both day and night. As a logistics operator, the value it brings to the customer is very high.


It is not the same to move only a truck that an airplane, train or charter a ship. If you want to reduce the price in each shipment, the transport of merchandise by road assumes lower costs and uses cheaper infrastructure, resulting in a more competitive service for the client who hires it. It comes out much more profitable.

Although despite being the cheapest, we must not forget the variable costs of fuel, tolls, maintenance of vehicles or even drivers’ diets. However, these variables also affect shipments by plane or ship, which can still be taxed more if other agents or carriers must intervene to get the goods to the exact destination.


Road transport allows the transport of any type of merchandise with the appropriate permits, without limitations or complications, as may occur on the plane in the case of dangerous goods. In addition, through the palletized merchandise we can adapt completely to the weight and dimensions of the shipment from the hiring of a first pallet, using smaller or larger trucks according to the desired volume.

Supervision and monitoring

The driver is fully responsible for the delivery and will be concerned therefore that it arrives in perfect condition (with packaging, protections inside, etc.) and on time. In addition, with the GPS systems, the company or person where the merchandise is in each moment is notified and its evolution can be comfortably visualized from the technological platform used. This translates into greater peace of mind for the entire team that participates in each shipment and, above all, in the customer’s.

Six powerful reasons why there is no doubt that ground transportation of goods is the most efficient system, but that they are fully endorsed by the most significant one: that the customer receives in perfect conditions and on time his merchandise while your company saves costs and complications.

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