UPSers 401k Plan – UPS Teamster 401k Savings Plan

United Parcel Service (UPS) allows its employees or associates to access their personal information from anywhere through an online portal. The employees of UPS will need a User ID and password to login to their account. The employees can log into their account through UPS Enterprise Portal. As a part of retirement, UPS also offers the upsers 401k plan to its employees by UPS Teamster 401k Savings plan.

UPSers 401k Plan – UPS Teamster 401k Savings Plan

A 401k plan is an effective and convenient way to save money for the future. It allows employees to save and invest money over long-term for a safe and secure future. According to the plan, a percentage of your earnings will be set aside every month during your pay period. After retiring you can request the amount that you have saved or invested till date.

After logging into the UPS Enterprise Portal with your User ID and password you can access the required information. If you have forgotten the password then you can recover or reset the password using the option- “Forgot your Password?”. This option will be available at the bottom of the login page. You can access the information related to the UPS 401k retirement plan through your account.

You can check the news and updates regarding the 401k Plan using the option called “Plan News and Updates” which will be available on the right side of the page. By clicking on that option you will be able to view more two options. One option is “Contribution Limits” and then another one is “Access to Investment Support.”

UPSers 401k Plan – Contribution Limits:

By clicking on this option you will be able to view the information related to your contribution for the 40k Plan. According to the plan, you can contribute from 1 to 35% of your pre-tax compensation. Your Roth 401k contribution or pre-tax contributions are subjected to the annual maximum dollar limit under applicable law. You should be aware that the contribution limit for the year 2017 is 18,000 dollars. The annual maximum dollar limit is set each year by the International Revenue Service (IRS). If you are 50 years old then you are eligible for catch-up contribution in which you can contribute 1-35% of compensation on pre-tax or Roth 401k basis. The maximum catch-up contribution limit for the year 2017 is 6,000 dollars. Please note that the combination of your annual pre-tax and Roth 401k contributions must not exceed the annual maximum dollar limit set by the IRS.

UPSers 401k Plan – Access to Investment Support:

According to the 401k Plan, you will be able to access the investment support provided by the Voya Retirement. You can contact the professional advisors through online or through a phone. You can Login to your account or make a phone call to the available numbers to contact Voya Retirement Advisors.

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