Reasons for having merchandise tracking technology

We live in a time in which a correct management of logistics and the times of receipt and delivery of our materials is a considerable competitive advantage over the rest of the companies in our niche.

Either in the raw materials for the manufacture of our products, either in the final delivery to our customers. In any case, we must allocate the least amount of time and resources possible, so that it does not affect our profit and loss account.

Why? Because logistics is one of the externalizable areas of our production process. In fact, a large part of the large manufacturing companies transfers it to third parties annually. Either the whole process, or at least parts in which it does not unfold with the necessary ease to do it in the most efficient way possible.

Innroute, as a company specializing in road transport, has a great advantage for its customers: a technology of own goods tracking. Although it seems unlikely, precisely because of this need for efficiency that we discussed, the transport sector is hardly digitized, and many of the companies in the sector have not yet begun the process of digital transformation.

What does online merchandise tracking provide?

The future of the sector is clear: we must invest in technological innovation to be faster in the models and the response; develop tracking systems to know at any time where each shipment of pallets or parcels is, and artificial intelligence that analyzes situations to take action.

The companies that succeed in the market will be those capable of making the necessary decisions to guide the company towards the future, providing advantages to its customers.

First of all because online tracking, by providing us with detailed information instantly, helps the company to have an optimized management of its carriers. The chaos of the Excel templates disappears in which you have to square trips and routes.

Now knowing where each employee is in charge of a vehicle, you can identify which can be the most efficient route.

In the same way, the delivery notes, which traditionally supposed a documentary problem, become easy to manage. The same applies to the distribution of orders to the final customer.

Finally, the traceability of the orders, in order to inform the client if necessary, avoids phone calls to several people. Now with online tracking, we have proof of the exact position.

In short, we must trust companies that use technology as a disruptive advantage because they will be more efficient than those that have been in the market for many years but think that technology is not for them.

And if not, a simple question: if in our day to day we are clear that technology helps us to be better, why are not we going to do the same with the merchandise that we have to send?

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