Shipping keys for palletized merchandise: pros and cons

In the search to offer more sense of added value, companies are increasingly concerned to provide more quality and service to their customers. We live in a moment of economic history in which every euro counts, and when it comes to obtaining a new order, we compete with other companies in really small margins. Hence, it is necessary to be as efficient as possible and provide the customer with much more than a product.

From this point of view, the management of the transport of our goods to our clients’ homes becomes fundamental. It is important that the chain does not fail at any time, since it leaves our facilities, until it is received at the destination point.

Shipment of palletized merchandise

The shipment of palletized merchandise has been one of the most used transport methods in recent years. It is used especially when there are important volumes of merchandise to move. It is a platform, traditionally made of wood, on which to place packed products with industrial fill, in such a way that even if they contain a diversity of merchandise inside, for transport purposes they are considered a single solid and safe unit.

This makes its manipulation much easier. From the point of view of productivity and efficiency that we mentioned, it is a great tool for any company that transfers material and product to their clients’ homes.

What are its benefits?

The main advantage is that it considerably improves transport efficiency. When going all the shrink-wrapped products, they do not move inside the pallet, which helps them to arrive at the client’s house in optimal conditions.

Secondly, transporting on pallets increases safety and prevents breakage of products.

At the level of costs for the company, the main advantage lies in the cost savings. By reducing the handling of the product, the assembly of each pallet is faster, which means that our workforce will need less time to prepare and manage each order. If a moment ago we said that it is necessary to adjust as much as possible the margins to be competitive, the use of pallets is a key element to achieve it.

In the same way, costs and time of loading, storage at our facilities and transportation are reduced. The trucks manage better loads uniform in weight and size, and with the pallets it is achieved.

For our customer it is easier to handle a pallet than hundreds of units separately, with which the perception of our added value increases. In addition, the tracking that can be done of the merchandise is easier and more comfortable to read. At the same time, carrying out an inventory is faster.

Disadvantages of manipulated merchandise

Basically we could reduce them to only one: they can only be used with those customers with whom we have a significant volume of work, so that large numbers of pieces or merchandise are sent traditionally to make profitable the shipment of at least a complete pallet However, solutions such as groupage or not having a fixed delivery schedule (when it is not about shipments with a closed date but eventual ones), can cancel this inconvenience.

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